This private place, far away from that silly website, is where we can ponder interesting people by viewing their autographs. I've been collecting these ever since I met Little Richard on a plane ride from Los Angeles to Atlanta back in 1970. He was embarrased to be riding in Coach but his mother was with him and she thought that riding First Class would be putting on airs. He wore a cape and boots. This may be the only place you can see a 1960 Danny Kaye service station receipt along with a 1924 letter from Maurice Ravel. I'm pretty darn positive.

Emmanuelle Chabrier, who wrote "Espana"
Claude Debussy
Erik Satie letter
Erik Satie address
Maurice Ravel
Darius Milhaud
Robert Crumb Postcard
James Brown!
Elizabeth "Bewitched" Montgomery
Danny Kaye
Sophia Loren
Brian Wilson and Little Richard--together at last
Sarah "Sassy" Vaughan