The Age of Advertising

glisten up
beautiful, breathtaking, and yet
suprisingly affordable solutions for a small
what would possess us to
change the best car in the world?
the same philosophy that possessed us
to create it
the height of fashion
right at your feet
          all the amenities of home
(If you happen to live in Paradise)
     a patent on
every stone tells a story come listen.
more ideas than our competitors can shake a
drawing board at
both were designed by sculptors
but only one comes fully equipped
sheer color true care
six restaurants in the world can prepare a
perfect steak
four are
in Argentina will your seat look this
    good in 5 years?
why wait to enjoy your second childhood when
you can enjoy your first? the length you go
for pleasure
was he sorry? or was it
the miles?
some have more drive than
others a hare
more impressive than any other
     it can take several lifetimes to reach a
state of inner peace or,
it can take a couple of weeks
freedom of
vodka the engine and transmission are
constantly talking
as always, weather is
          a popular topic.
even at four, you had a good head for business the stuff
legends are made of
classic it's a style
defined by you relax
your attitude better yet, don't even
bring one the complete opposite of
being grounded
an experience like this usually
begins with the words
“once upon a time.”
you have thousands of
in Europe a virtue personified with
renaissance splendor, a conservative
tax-free solution
     years ago, you experienced passion in the
backseat of a car Isn't it time you
experienced it in the
front seat? nothing brings out the taste like
attitudes adjusted before you
know it after all, it would be a pity to
put an ordinary stove in an
extraordinary kitchen some
bunny to love although we recently
opened, much of our spa has been here
for thousands of
years exceptional woman exceptional
diamond how much taste can
one cereal have? where the magic lasts a
see it
            touch it
                               feel it.